The technology is optimised for storing, sharing, reasoning and communicating data and models in multiple hierarchical levels. The individual concepts and technologies are not new and groundbreaking in themselves. However, SUIRON combines them in a unique, powerful and coherent platform with centralised plus decentralised exchange (peer-to-peer).

Context is everything, this is especially true for al functionality in SUIRON. Every model and dataset has a context. Concepts and data in one particular context could refer to and use concepts or data from another context. More than one contexts could also be the basis for an aggregated concept (generalization) and expand the model. The same is true when one context is more specified to form a ‘sub context’ (specification). This principle of expanding context is the conceptual basis for ‘layered (meta) modeling’; one of the primary functional goals of SUIRON knowledge database solutions. The SUIRON ‘Core’ and ‘Cortex’ database layers incorporate the concepts of the system. All concepts are defined in multiple languages and fully documented. This way all content is defined and documented in the same way that user definitions (models and data) are available. The SUIRON Cortex component has an integrated solution to derive concepts and data (incl. their relations) and query all content.

The key design criteria are:

High performance; Total design and implementation of the storage layer and query engine is focussed on highest possible proces speeds for our solutions. The fastest available key-value store (LMDB) is used as storage engine. Rust is the main implementation language; it combines C/C++ level performance with high-level (functional) language constructs and very strong safety guarantees.

Scalable; SUIRON solutions are scalable in terms of computing power and platforms options. The variety of platform options include: mobile (iOS/iPadOS, Android), desktop (Linux, Windows, MacOS) and server (Linux, Windows, MacOS preferably with a Docker container).

Small footprint, SUIRON technology known for efficient code and smart recursive routines.

Multi-lingual; SUIRON technology is multi lingual, all the way to its core. All text format can be translated to any region/language combination (like Japanese hiragana and katakana, Korean, Chinese, Arabic, etc.). This is true for models ‘incorporated’ in the solutions, but also for (end) user defined models and data.

Bi-temporal; The technology is fully bi-temporal. All models and data are administrated in two time dimensions: ‘real time’ and ‘administrative time’. This bi-temporal nature is the basis for optimum version control and assures data integrity (no data loss) after version updates or inadvertent transactions (mistakes).

Context-sensitive; Context is everything. This is also true for al functionality in SUIRON. The ‘principle of expanding context’ is the conceptual basis for ‘layered (meta) modeling’; one of the primary functional goals of SUIRON knowledge database solutions.

Multi-model; Due to the unique architecture SUIRON, at its core, supports multiple models. Even if these models include hierarchy of modeling languages and/or knowledge representations. This way any code systems, model,  mapping and knowledge representation can be supported. All content of the solution is queryable (both concepts as individuals) and database management is simplefied.