SUIRON is a new concept for private compute. It combines advanced knowledge base and advanced database functionality in one computing platform. An intelligent partner to independently make better use of ones own and shared data. SUIRON products give you the ability to:

  • Manage data (acquisition, storage and exchange of data under your terms);
  • Process data (analyse, transform and enrich data: put data in context,  to learn and realise goals); 
  • Benefit from data use, sharing and collaboration. (e.g. personal development, collective learning and scientific research).

Since SUIRON is highly adaptable and scaleable technology, we develop solutions in close cooperation with the customer.  This approach always results in bespoke solutions but the basic product categories are:

  1. Database and server solutions;
  2. Development tooling;
  3. Consultancy, training and implementation support.

SUIRON Building Block functional components to create flexible solutions


Background processing, mining and cooperation in a distributed graph of SUIRON nodes, external data and knowledge sources. (Start 2021)


Block that supports exchange of models en data-sets. Takes care of exchange contracts, communication and governance. (Under development)


Seamless integration of UX, application and database development by combining presentation, interaction and development. (Under development)


Fundamental block that takes care of all data/information/knowledge model and data processing in the SUIRON database.