SUIRON (pronounced: sweeron) is Japanese for ‘Deduction’ or ‘Inference’. The core of what SUIRON is all about: Technology for knowledge capture and processing. Our ambition is to create new technology and building blocks for high performance knowledge and data platforms. We strongly value knowledge, data ownership & control, quality and privacy.

The mission is to optimize collaborative learning in a human/machine framework. In our vision learning can be greatly enhanced by combining human brain power and creativity with machine computing power. This is reflected in the SUIRON logo: two brain halfs (one human, one machine) in ‘Yin/Yang’ configuration. “Synergy between the human mind and computational power”.

In SUIRON B.V. founder Erik van der Tier is setting a new standard with hybrid adaptable knowledge database solutions. His trademark is ‘recursive architecture’ and ‘lazy evaluates’. The first ideas originate from 1996 and have been incorporated in a number of successful implementations in the insurance and pensions industry. Now a pure form is under development, a new implementation which incorporates all innovative idea’s and the latest technology into a powerful product line.