SUIRON (pronounced: sweeron) is Japanese for ‘Deduction’ or ‘Inference’. SUIRON is all about technology for knowledge capture and processing. Coherent platform solutions, app development tooling, consultancy for private compute and controlled collaboration. The SUIRON company delivers tooling to enable and consultancy to empower, so individuals and collectives can realise and enhance their potential.

The company is a Dutch tech startup with the ambition to create a new compute platform for the 21st century. The visionary Founder Erik van der Tier and his team are aiming for synergy between creative human brain power and machine computing power. They inspire and enable people to make better use of (their own) data and knowledge. The mission is to ‘optimise human potential’ by learning in a human/machine framework. Technology to augment human intelligence with machine computing power: ‘Human Augmented Intelligence (HAI)’. The company values: freedom, transparency and responsibility. SUIRON solutions give strong guarantees for human ownership, control and privacy. The first ideas originate from 1996 and now a pure form is being developed. A promising start on the roadmap to scalable high performance knowledge and data processing solutions for individual and collective learning.