21st century compute

Technology for knowledge capture and processing.

Database technology

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powerful coherent platform

App development

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Private compute

individual knowledge management
private data control and benefits

Control collaboration

trusted transparent cooperation
deliberate controlled exchange

Products & Services

SUIRON  brings new solutions for private compute and offers consultancy. We offer tooling to enable and consultancy to empower. Bespoke and flexible solutions that provide external digital memory, reasoning, and cooperation. SUIRON products act as an intelligent partner to independently make better use of your own and shared data.  Always with strong guarantees for privacy and security. 


SUIRON technology offers a combination of advanced database and knowledge base functionality. It is optimised for storing, sharing, reasoning and communicating data and models in multiple hierarchical levels. Powerful and coherent platform solutions with centralised plus decentralised exchange (peer-to-peer). The key design criteria are: high performance, fully temporal, multi-lingual, scalable, small footprint and flexible.

SUIRON: "Synergy between the human mind and computational power"


SUIRON is a Dutch startup with the ambition to integrate the best of human and machine intelligence. Providing powerful language and shared frame of reference for humans and machines to collaborate and learn together. The company values: freedom, transparency and responsibility. Therefor SUIRON solutions give strong guarantees for human ownership and individual control.


SUIRON is a serious new company with the experience and dedication to realize innovative data platforms with visionary technology. The concept and benefits might be hard to see at first. But we inspire and enable people to make better use of their own data and knowledge. If you are interested in more information or collaboration; just contact us.