hybrid adaptable knowledge database solutions


SUIRON is on an innovative roadmap to a new standard for hybrid adaptable knowledge database solutions. The key design criteria are: high performance, small footprint, scalable, flexible distribution/exchange, multi-lingual, bi-temporal, multi version, context-sensitive, multi-model. A mouth full of technical features but in essence simply a great new knowledge database that supports any model or language. SUIRON building blocks give a lot of opportunity to bring complicated data handling within hands reach with high quality and low maintenance.


“SUIRON: synergy between the human mind and computational power

SUIRON is a serious new company with the experience and dedication to realize innovative data platforms with visionary technology. For storing, sharing, reasoning and communicating data and models in multiple hierarchical levels. Providing powerful language and shared frame of reference for humans and machines to collaborate and learn together.


SUIRON technology is within hands reach for everybody. Our company is all about collaboration and contributing. We are always interested in ways to make our technology and products beneficial to your ideas. With or without the technical details we can explain all about our products, their use and added value. 

 If SUIRON could be of any help for your project, business or investments; lets get in touch