SUIRON: A little background on the name

SUIRON: A little background on the name

Suiron-KanjiYou might be wondering where the name SUIRON comes from and how it is pronounced. You came to the right blog post for that…

SUIRON is the Japanese word for ‘Deduction’ or ‘Inference’. It is pronounced as: sweeron.

The kanji on the left are how you’d write SUIRON in Japanese.

This name nicely captures the core of what SUIRON is all about: Technology for knowledge capture and processing, with a bi-temporal flavour and deep support for (un)certainty.

It is always hard to find a good brand name, especially in these days where a brand name also has to have an available domain name for the website and email addresses.

When looking for a new brand and/or company name too many things have to fall in place. By now it seems like all good names have been taken by another company, domain squatters or person. But in the case of SUIRON it did happen that multiple things fell into place.

Possibly the only real drawback of the name is that its not clear in every language what the proper pronunciation is. But let’s just say that helps start an elevator conversation about the company. At least explaining the name, provides a nice bridge to the subject of what SUIRON the brand and company stands for.

Which in turns brings us to the goal of this blog. This blog will provide insight in the developments at SUIRON. Now and then, it will also provide some background on the company as well, like in this introductory post.

So, if you are interested in what’s happening at SUIRON this is the place to check-in regularly.